Dolci Iannini Susanna

01/06/2016 Off Di IMS Tor Vergata

Subject: Human anatomy I


office: 0672696252

Curriculum Vitae
born 6 December 1960
Current position: Associate Professor of Anatomy, University of Rome Torvergata,
Italy Education and academic career 1985 MD, University of Rome La Sapienza,
Italy 1991 PhD in Cell Biology, University of Rome La Sapienza
1993 Assistant Professor of Anatomy at the University of Rome Torvergata,
Italy 2000- Associate Professor of Anatomy at the University of Rome Torvergata,
Italy Fellowships research visits 1990-93 Visiting Scientist Mammalian Genetics Laboratory, NCI, Frederick MD,
USA 1998 Research Associate The Wellcome Trust, Cambridge, UK Reviewer for Research Foundations/Organisations Swedish Ministry of Education and Research (SW) Italian Ministry of University and Scientific Research (IT) Reviewer for International Journals Development J.
Cell Science Oncogene FUNDING 1992-1993 CNR-NATO grant 2003-2005 FIRB 2003-2005 PRIN 2005-2007 PRIN 2008-2010 PRIN Last 10 year publications 1) Imatinib mesylate inhibits Leydig cell tumor growth: evidence for in vitro and in vivo activity. Basciani S, Brama M, Mariani S, De Luca G, Arizzi M, Vesci L, Pisano C, Dolci S, Spera G, Gnessi L.
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