Introducing our Medicine and Surgery course:  key objectives include promoting joint degrees, developing international mobility for students  as well as enrolling and training foreign students.

The facolta-di-medicinaUniversity of Tor Vergata is proud to present a new international MD program of Medicine and Surgery which is taught entirely in English. Our aim is to provide students with the knowledge and tools to become successful graduates allowing them to possess a biomedical, psychological and social perspective of the medical profession. The course is characterized by a multidisciplinary and integrated approach in disease prevention and health promotion. We teach our students in a patient-oriented environment involving GP surgeries and Hospitals integrating scientific principles learnt from lectures and applying them in real-life situations. We also strive to develop new models for clinical reasoning and engage students to develop logical thinking during clinical practice. Students will learn about the latest medical advancements allowing them to grasp a fundamental understanding appropriate for Medicine in the 21st century.

Current legislation (DM 16 March 2007 GU 155 July 6 2007 – Suppl. Ordinario n. 153) lays down six years of study for the degree course in Medicine and Surgery with a total of 360 credits including credits for Vocational Training to be acquired in educational activities designed to promote the acquisition of specific vocational skills. Attendance at these educational activities (lectures and training) is compulsory and is a prerequisite to taking exams.
The course, characterized by a multidisciplinary and integrated approach to teaching, is taught entirely in English and combines an in-depth exploration of medical knowledge characterizing  the Italian medical tradition with an international outlook suitable for the medical field of today. However, students should be aware that a basic knowledge of Italian will be required during clinical practice which starts from the third year. We have in fact organized a free Basic Italian Course for all of our students. Students profit from studying in  small classes allowing for  greater interaction with professors and better access to clinical practice.  The percentage of international students is almost unmatched for a degree in Medicine and Surgery  in Italy, as Tor Vergata and a  few other universities successfully implement  medical degrees in English that are unique for public universities in Europe outside anglophone countries.

I look forward to welcoming you in Rome, Tor Vergata.

Prof. Loredana Sarmati, M.D., president of the Medicine and Surgery course


Last Updated on 20/01/2023