Thesis scheduling and modules

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In order to graduate, students must present an original thesis under the supervision of a Professor or Tutor. The activity is known as Degree Internship (or Internato di Laurea). The title awarded upon gradution is that of “Dottore Magistrale” (Doctor of Medicine comparable to a Master’s Degree or US M.D.), in accordance with the BOLOGNA PROCESS.

Graduation Ceremony of our Degree Course in Medicine and Surgery schedule:

March 26th, 2021 h. 9.00    on line

July 8th,  2021 h 9:00   Fleming hall

October 22nd,  2021  h 9:00  Fleming hall

December 17th,   2021   h 9:00  Fleming hall

March 25th , 2022   h 9:00  Fleming hall




Students intending to carry out their degree internship within a specific structure must submit a formal request to the Director of that structure together with a curriculum vitae (i.e. a list of exams passed, marks, optional attended activities, training periods in laboratories or clinics or any other activity performed for training purposes) at least 6 months before the thesis discussion. After consultation with colleagues and having ascertained the availability of positions, the Director of the structure approves the request and assigns the responsibility for monitoring and certifying.

To be eligible to take the Degree exam, students must:

  • have followed all the courses and have passed all the exams;
  • have obtained a total of 360 credits in the course of the six years (for a total of 5500 hours);


Documents to be submitted before graduating:

Dichiarazione di assegnazione tesi di laurea a cura del relatore / Statement of assignment of Thesis or final work

  • You can access this document from your personal Delphi page by clicking on ‘Manage graduation request’, ‘next’, and then on ‘print dichiarazione di assegnazione tesi/lavoro finale’.
  • You will need to print and fill out this document with all the relevant information regarding your thesis, including the names of your supervisors (relatore and correlatore), the subject you are writing your thesis on and the title. Your supervisor will need to sign and stamp it.
  • This needs to be handed in approximately 6 months before your graduation day. You can either:
    • Hand in the original document at the Segreteria Studenti and bring a copy to the Didactic Office (D27).
    • Or hand it in at the Didactic Office directly so that the secretary can make a copy and hand the original in for you.
  • This document can be modified* after submitting it, thus even if the information on it is provisional you will still need to fill it out and hand it in approximately 6 months before your graduation.
  • If you are working on a project with an EXTERNAL supervisor, they cannot be registered as ‘relatore’. Thus, when filling out the ‘Dichiarazione di assegnazione tesi di laurea a cura del relatore’, you will need to put them down as ‘correlatore’ and find yourself an internal supervisor.
    • Any external correlatore will need to be approved by your internal supervisor by filling out a document called ‘Richiesta correlatore esterno’.
    • You can ask at the Didactic Office for the ‘Richiesta correlatore esterno’.
    • Once filled out and signed by your internal supervisor, you will need to present it back to the Didactic Office so that it can be approved at the next CCL meeting.

Domanda di Laurea

You will need to fill out and submit this document “Domanda di Laurea” one to two months before the day of your graduation. You will only be able to download it from Delphi two months before graduating, and it must be presented the at the Segreteria Studenti along with your final copy* of the ‘Dichiarazione di assegnazione tesi di laurea a cura del relatore’ (if you have made any changes after you first submitted it) furthermore, you need to return your University Green book.

Finally you need to  Hand over a CD (conteining the final copy of your Thesis) AND  the printed and signed First Page of the Thesis,   10-7 days before graduating to Segreteria Studenti.


P.S. :Remember to hand over a printed copy of the Thesis to the Didactic Office.