Thesis scheduling and modules

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In order to graduate, students must present an original thesis under the supervision of a professor or tutor.

The activity is known as degree internship (or “internato di laurea”).

The title awarded upon graduation is “Dottore Magistrale” (Doctor of Medicine, comparable to a Master’s Degree or to the US M.D.) in accordance with the Bologna process.


Graduation ceremony schedule:

March 24th, 2023 – h. 09:00 (Fleming hall)

July 7th, 2023 – h. 09:00 (Fleming hall)

October 27th, 2023 – h. 09:00 (Dulbecco hall)

March 22nd, 2024 – h. 09:00 (Dulbecco hall)



Students intending to carry out their degree internship within a specific structure must submit a formal request to the director of that structure, together with a curriculum vitae (i.e. a list of passed exams with marks, optional attended activities, training periods in laboratories or clinics or any other activity performed for training purposes) at least six months before the thesis discussion. After consultation with colleagues and having ascertained the availability of positions, the director of the structure approves the request and assigns the responsibility for monitoring and certifying.


To be eligible to graduate, students must:

  • have followed all the courses and have passed all the exams;
  • have obtained a total of 360 credits in the course of the six years (for a total of 5500 hours);
  • have obtained 8 ETCS of ADO




Dissertation Assignment/Declaration Form

The formalities listed below must be carried out in accordance with the deadlines indicated in order to participate to the graduation session. No later than four months before the graduation session, students must submit their completed dissertation assignment/declaration form to the student office. Students can download this form from their personal area on Delphi.


In particular, please note that:

  1. The SUPERVISOR must be one of the tenured professors or researchers of the Faculty of Medicine, present on the MUR database
  2. The CO-SUPERVISOR (whoever is not in the MUR database or not included among the experts of the subjects of the Degree Course) must be approved by the Degree Course Council (CCL)
  3. If the dissertation concerns more than one scientific-sector (SSD), stamp and signature of one lecturer per SSD are needed


Carrying out the dissertation in an external structure

When students carry out their dissertations in an external structure, including dissertations carried out abroad by students that are winners of the “abroad thesis” program, they must:

  1. Ask the CCL for permission to carry out their dissertations off-site
  2. Attach a copy of their dissertation assignment/declaration form, which clearly shows that the co-supervisor is external and includes the authorization of the external co-supervisor and of the host establishment


Access to Practical Training Assessment (TPVES)

In order to carry out a practical training assessment, in accordance with DL. n.18 of 17 March 2020, students must:

  1. Have passed the list of exams foreseen in the academic system to allow enrolment to the sixth year
  2. Fill in and hand the practical training assessment (TPVES) form to the didactic office

The GP will be assigned by the “ufficio esami di stato” in the last month prior to graduation.


Graduation Application

No later than 30 days before the graduation session, students must submit the following on the Microsoft Forms link that will be indicated by the didactic office:

  1. Graduation application (active online 60 days before the session)
  2. Receipt of payment concerning the parchment (16 euros, which must be validated online after filling in the Alma Laurea questionnaire)

N.B: During this period you are able to change the dissertation assignment/declaration form.


For a qualifying degree, students must also provide:

  1. Tax payment receipt (referred to in article 2, paragraph 3, D.M. 21/12/90): 49.58 euros on postal slip no. 1016, to “Agenzia delle Entrate, Centro Operativo di Pescara” – tasse scolastiche
  2. Receipt of payment regarding the practical training assessment (TPVES): 100 euros


7 to 10 days before the graduation session, students must submit:

  1. PDF file of the dissertation
  2. Dissertation cover page, signed by the supervisor and by the student (the title of the dissertation must be the same as the one provided on the assignment/declaration form)

P.S: Remember to hand over a printed copy of the thesis to the didactic office.



  • “Research activity” – up to 5 points
    • 2 points for participations in publications (peer reviewed, PubMed)
    • 0.5 points for each conference abstract as a first name participant


  • “Scientific award” – up to 1 point


  • “Activity abroad in a project coordinated by a lecturer of the degree course” – up to 3 points*
    • 0.5 points for every two continuous weeks spent abroad, but only if the activity is officially approved by the President of the Degree Course and included in a defined project that has been previously approved and coordinated with a lecturer from the degree course


* the above-mentioned  criterion must be applied to any form of experience abroad that has been officially approved by the degree course and carried out during the Covid-19 emergency period from 08/03/2020 (DPCM) until and including possible further extensions.


  • “Cum Laude” – up to 3 points
    • 1 point for every 3 Cum Laude


  • “Graduation timing” – up to 3 points
    • In corso: 3 points
    • First year Fuori Corso: 1 point


110/110 Cum Laude may be awarded to students who obtain a score of 111 points, but only following proposal by their dissertation supervisor and following the unanimous agreement of the graduation committee.


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