Tutor 2023/24

06/11/2023 Off By Maria Luisa Romiti
Studenti referenti per Materia A.A. 2023/24
Anatomic Pathology PAESANO LUDOVICA 30 e lode
Biochemistry MELE DOMENICA 30 e lode
Biology and Genetics COPPOLA SOFIA 30 e lode
Chemistry and Introductory Biochemistry D’AVOLA TOMMASO 30 e lode
Diagnostic Imaging and Radiotherapy DRAGHI FRANCESCA 27
Disease of Musculoskeletal System FADEL KALINA 30 e lode
General Pathology and Pathophysiology DALL’ARA CAROLINA 30 e lode
Histology and Embryology PALIOTTO MARTINA 30 e lode
Human Anatomy I VONA GIOVANNI 30
Human Anatomy II SIDOTI FRANCESCO 30 e lode
Immunology and Immunopathology RUSSO TIZIANO 30
Laboratory Medicine JALILI ROMINA 30
Microbiology BILLI VIOLA 30
Neurological Sciences PROVENZANO GRETA 27
Obstetrics and Gynecology ALEXIADIS GIANNIS 30 e lode
Pediatric Sciences CAMPANA FRANCESCA 30 e lode
Pharmacology HOSEINZADEH S. HADI 30 e lode
Physics and Statistics ARGHAMIRI ALI 30
Physiology SIMONELLI ANNA 30 e lode
Systemic Pathology I MUSSO EMILIANO 30 e lode
Systemic Pathology II SABANODZOVIC KADIR 30
Systemic Pathology III TAMMARO ALBERTO 30 e lode


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