Rossi Pellegrino

Subject: Human anatomy I


office: 06725972

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Prof. Pellegrino Rossi: BRIEF CV


Full Professor of Human Anatomy at the University of Rome Tor Vergata. His early studies (1980-1984)  the have focused on the search for biochemical markers of differentiation of male germ cells. Later, at the National Cancer Institute and the Texas Medical Center (1984-1989), he has studied the mechanisms of control of gene expression in eukaryotes. He used as a model the gene for the alpha2 chain of type I collagen, of which he has studied the mechanisms of regulation at the transcriptional level, and the changes induced by growth factors. Starting from 1990 and up to date, his main field of research is the study of the mechanisms that control the differentiation of male germ cells, and in particular: expression and function of proto-oncogenes in spermatogenesis, interaction between pituitary hormones and paracrine factors in testicular regulation of hormone-dependent gene transcription, control of meiotic progression, control of gene expression in the haploid phase, genetic mechanisms of male infertility, molecular basis of fertilization, mechanisms of specification of the germ cell line, generation of animal models for testicular germ cell tumors.


H index (Google Scholar): 36

Cumulative Impact Factor (ISI, JCR 2015): 347


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