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Erasmus call for a.y. 2018-19

Erasmus call for a.y. 18-19 here

Erasmus program

The Erasmus+ programme the new EU programme for education, youth and sport started in January 2014. Through Erasmus+ programme several tents of students each year travel from Third Faculty of Medicine for study period abroad in another European education institution.

  • Who – Students who are enrolled in study programme at UE
  • Where – Studens must carry out their mobility activity in Programme Country different from Italy and country of residence.
  • When – After they are properly enrolled at least in the second year of studies.
  • For how long- From 3 to 12 months for Study Period, from 2-6 for Traineeship (Practical Placment). One month is considered to be 30 days.
  • How often-The same student may recieve grans for mobility periods totalling up to 12 months maximum per each university level, independently from the number and type of mobility activities (Study Period and /or Traineeship).

The Erasmus + Program aims to encourage the exchange of students from various European universities: Erasmus + Office tel. +39 06 7259.2555 fax +39 06 7236605 e-mail:

You can also check the website: or send an e-mail to:

Erasmus + Traineeship Office tel.: +39 06 7259.2573 fax. +39 06 723.6605
For accommodation please contact the Erasmus in Campus Student Association:


Student apply to take part in selection procedures according to the condition stipulated by the selection commission.
Nomination: students who have been successful in a selection procedure can be nominated. Students are nominated by the faculty coordinator through th online system.
Student can apply throught the on-line system here.
Study plan: The study plan abroad must correspond as much as possible both as credits and for exams to the study programme followed by the student at Medicine and Surgery course. Didactic committee will analize and approve the study plan.
Partner institutions inform students that they have been accepted for a study period abroad by sending a letter of acceptance.
Students recieve a grand on the basis of a Decision of the Dean.
Student has to signed Financial documents- Financial Agreement.


Changes to the study plan: all changes should be formally notified within 1 month of the start of the studies.
Extending the study period: can be extended if this is in accordance with Qualifying Conditions of the Erasmus programme.


Student must submit the following documents:

  • Transcript
  • Confirmation of Erasmus+ study period
  • Final report

Organising study periods abroad throught the Erasmus programme requires an administrative procedure which has been simplified by UE´s on-line system. Throught this system every participant in the Erasmus+ programme can follow the individual administrative steps and the current position, dowload the necessary documents in pdf format, check the date, etc.

The Erasmus programme on-line system uses data from the Student Information system (SIS) and information about bilateral agreement on the basis of whitch a student is nominated for a study period abroad.

 All you need to know about Erasmus 

Outgoing/Incoming Erasmus+ students services

  1. Guidance, tutoring, welcome days
    In order to receive further information before, during and after their study terms in Italy or abroad, students can contact the helpdesk on the following e-mail address:
    or click on the following links: Front Office service is available as follows:
    Mon – Wed – Fri: 9.00am – 12.00pm; Wed 2.30pm – 4.00pm
    Erasmus Office
    Rector’s Office, ground floor, Via Orazio Raimondo 18, 00173 Rome
  2. Student Association Erasmus…inCampus:
    Erasmus…in Campus is a non-party, non-denominational and non-profit association. It works in Partnership together with many public and private Universities in Rome, local community and other organization.
    Erasmus…in Campus works to represent and support Erasmus students in practical ways to enhance the quality of their overall student experience.For more information please visit:
  3. HousingAnywhere – Find accommodation Abroad is an online platform where students leaving for a semester abroad (exchange or internship) can let their rooms. Hence, incoming international students can rent them. HousingAnywhere is a ‘student-to-student’ platform where supply and demand for rooms to let and rent for a short time match. It is a very simple but effective tool to increase the number of rooms available for your incoming and outgoing students.For more information:
  4. garagErasmus
    garagErasmus Foundation is building the first professional network of the Erasmus Generation. Former Erasmus students are a generation of extraordinary people who have had a life-changing experience and who can play a strategic role in Europe’s future. They represent the first true generation of Europeans: the Erasmus Generation.

There are strong indications that Europe currently is missing its chance to focus on people, innovation, and growth. This is where garagErasmus comes in: by mobilising the talents and business ideas of the Erasmus Generation, the initiative will contribute to wealth and development in Europe.

garagErasmus brings together and empowers over 3 million people of the Erasmus Generation to boost work mobility and the circulation of ideas in Europe.

Overseas Programme – Outgoing Students

Publication of Extra-European Mobility Grants Call 2017-18 See attached Call and Form.

The University of Rome “Tor Vergata” offers the opportunity to spend one semester at extra-European partner universities under a cooperation agreement framework for teaching and exam purposes.

For further information please contact the Office for International Relations:

Tel. +39 06 72592104/3509 – e-mail:

See the attached call and information sheets on partner universities


The student average grade shall be calculated basing on all exam and training activity notes registered in the system before the application deadline. Should they be any particular cases (e.g. exams or training activities already taken but not yet recorded), students shall complete their application with a copy of their academic transcripts and/or certificates issued by foreign universities.