Transfer from another English taught Medicine and Surgery course or other courses

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Updated information about the A.Y. 17-18 call here.

Update information for A.Y 17-18 transfers here.


A.Y. 2017/2018 :

  • For the 6-year single-cycle master degree in Medicine and Surgery held in the English language, the following number of places are available in the second, third and fourth year only for EU-students that passed IMAT and that require a course shortenings (coming from another English taught Medicine and Surgery course:


 Medicine and Surgery Available places
6th year 0
5th year 4
4th year 10
3rd year 0
2 year 1

The available places indicated in the table are reserved for those candidates who pass the IMAT test in accordance with art. 3 of the University regulation “Regolamento di Ateneo per i trasferimenti degli studenti iscritti presso Università italiane o straniere”, asking for a course shortening and having recognized (from our didactic committee) credits from other universities.  For the 2017-18 A.Y.  places for the second (n=1), fourth (n= 10) and fifth year (n= 4) are available only for EU-students (all places reserved to non-EU students are filled for all years).

If, after IMAT and enrollemen, at the end of the application procedures, some of these places are still left over, the dispositions in the regulation on transfers between universities will be used: a specific transfer call (Bando per i trasferimenti) will be released to cover the places still available. This call (2017-18) will be open only to EU-students (all non-EU places are filled) coming from other english taught Medicine and Surgery courses and will be released probably in mid-october or later (at the end of IMAT application procedures).



Tor Vergata Medicine and Surgery course accepts transfers by students who have completed one or more years at other universities in English-taught courses. The possible transfer is subject to the availability of places for the year you want to enroll (see above). These places will be available for students the passed IMAT and asked for the course shortening (having recognized credits from other universities and courses, including Medicine and Surgery). If none of the students that passed IMAT was able to be enrolled to the years with available places, the places will be still available for transfer. In this case, students are not obliged to take the admission test (Consiglio di Stato, Adunanza Plenaria, 1/2015) but a specific trasfer call (Bando per i trasferimenti) will be released to cover this place that, in this case, will be reserved to students coming from other English-taught Medicine and Surgery courses. In other words, the possibility to transfer depends primarily on the number of places available for the year of study requested. As the Ministry of Education allows us to matriculate a specific, preset number of students, we can consider transfer applications only when this maximum number has not been reached or in the event a student drops out, making a place available.

Candidates who wish to apply are also asked to meet the high school diploma requirements for admission to the first year. All transfers are subject not only to student records and evaluation, but also to available places for each year.  Transfers are not accepted for students who are fuori corso.

Transfer to the course is possible when a “Bando” (Call for admission) is published, listing places on offer for transfer to the various course years. The call of admission (Bando) Call of admission is reserved to students that have successfully passed one or more exams in another degree course in Medicine and Surgery. Candidates must send their transfer request as in Bando, within the deadline set by the Bando, including all the documents listed in the admission procedures.

Applicants will be selected based on their academic records and on whether the courses and exams taken at their current university are in line with the study programme of Medicine and Surgery course of Tor Vergata university.

In the event transfer is granted, the student will be informed of any outstanding credits to be fulfilled with respect to the study programme of the course year he/ she has been admitted to.

Admitted candidates will complete the enrolment by submitting the documents listed in the Bando to the Student office.

Exams sustained at other universities will be evaluated by an academic commission once you transfer to Tor Vergata, the current transfer process does not accept exams taken in a language other than english.  The validation does not necessarily imply that the student that asked a course shortening can enrol in years other than the first year as this depends i) on the number of places available for that or any requested year and ii) on the recognized credits. Partial validation of credits obtained from an integrated course permits the student to avoid taking an exam on that part of the study programme but does not allow the student to gain entrance to subsequent years of the degree course or to take exams that are scheduled for subsequent years.

Always take care to check the number of credits awarded by your exams to compare these to those awarded at Tor Vergata, this is especially important for EU students where there is a more unified university credits framework. Non-EU students should consider the course programs and compare them to their own, if some subjects have been covered differently integrative courses may be offered by Tor Vergata Professors before your past exams can be recognized.

Recognition of exams taken in other degree courses

Students who enroll in the first year of Medicine and Surgery who were already enrolled in other degree courses taught in English have to make an application to the student secretary for previously passed exams to be recognized (course shortening).

Students, after admission,  should contact any course teacher so as to verify the exam program and possibly complete the exam. After course teacher approval, didactic committee will recognize the passed exams and their possibly integration. It should be underlined that transfer of credits from courses taken in other academic institutions are by no means given for granted. Transfer of credits is highly discretional upon course teacher program analisys, especially for transfers that do not involve other medical schools. Moreover, credits acquired more than 8 years before enrollment are not recognized.

Recognition of other degrees 

The assessment will be done on a case by case basis.

Unless there are any significant differences – the University will decide to fully validate the qualification  (and subsequently issue the equivalent Italian qualification), or validate it in part, giving the candidate the chance to sit the outstanding exams required to obtain the full equivalent Italian qualification. For further information see here.

In case of Bilateral agreements which establish the mutual validation of qualifications (e.g. Italy/Austria), or specific conventions, qualifications are automatically validated once all documents have been checked.

All other cases

To validate qualifications for other purposes (for example, for public competitions or access to regulated professions), you must get in touch with the competent State authority.