Tudisco Cosimo

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Subject: Muscoloskeletal system diseases

email: cosimo.tudisco@uniroma2.it

office: 0620903465



1983–1985 Military Hospital, Anzio (Rome). Orthopaedic Surgeon Consultant

1980–1985 First Aid On call physician in a 24h duty medical structure

1980–1981 (18 months) Italian Navy Service as lieutenant Doctor in the Navy



2012–present SIGASCOT. Member of the Artroscopy Committee

2010–present Journal of Orthopaedics and Traumatology Editorial Reviewer

2006–2007 SIGASCOT  Regonal Universitary Delegate

2006–present Journal Children Orthopaedics Editorial Reviewer

2005–2007 SITOP Member of the Directive Committee

1999-2005 EPOS Member of the Reading Committee


180 publications in national and international journal


Languages Spoken: ENGLISH, SPANISH

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