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A Practical Guide for EU and non-EU Students

  1. Request for a ‘Libretto’

    What is the Libretto? It’s a document where the Professors write your mark for his exam. You must always carry it with you when taking an exam. Where can I ask for it? : At the Students’ Secretariat office for Medical students (Segreteria Studenti Area Medica) on the ground floor at the entrance of building D.

    What do you need to get it ? 1 picture of yourself.

  2. Registering for exam

    For each exam you must first register on Totem. The procedure is simple. Pay attention to the date: you can register approximately 14 – 3 days before the exam.

  3. Payments of university fees through Totem and Unicredit

    (a) First you need to get the information about your payment from Totem (b) Then you have to enter the information found in the link and proceed with the payment procedure;  at the end, you will get to your email AUTH Code that you will enter into the Totem to confirm the payment: this is the most important step to ensure that the procedure is complete.

  4. Getting the Permesso di Soggiorno (for non-EU)

    a) you have to go to the Post Office (Poste Italiane) with the service called ‘Sportello Amico’ (Make sure to check before going, you can check it on-line). There you have to ask for the Permesso di Soggiorno kit. (It is free).
    b)  fill out the documents in the kit using the English guide in this You Tube link.
    c)  go again to Poste Italiane with the kit and give it to them. (Pay attention to put all the documents that are necessary inside the envelope of the kit).
    d)  you have to pay (around 120 euro) to Poste Italiane and get a receipt which you must keep very carefully. In addition, they will give you a date and address where you will have to be present for the appointment.
    e) Then you go to a police station to get the Permesso di Soggiorno card. You can get an update about the specific police station to see if your permesso is ready through the web using your personal password in the receipt here.  This usually takes about 1-2 months.

  5. Getting the ISEEU and ISEE

    What is the ISEEU/ISEE (link is in italian)? It is a number that indicates your economc status/situation.It is according to this number that the amount of the second and third university payments will be calculated. How do I get this ?
    (a) You have to fill out the document  in the official announcement (bando) here.
    (b) go to the Embassy or Consulate of your country here in Rome and have it OFFICIALLY signed/legalized;
    (c) Then you arrange an appointment with the CAAF (or CAF)(Income tax office) to calculate your ISEE value/number according to the above official document. After 2-3 weeks you will see your value/number in the Totem. To make an appointment with CAF you must send an email to:

  6. Getting a yearly public transportation card for students

    ATAC Roma is the public transportation in Rome which includes the Metro/Subway/Tube and Buses. In the link you have the details about special offers for students who have Italian Residency/Permesso di Soggiorno*.
    a) How to get it and what does it give you?  This card is valid for 365 days of unlimited use.  Go to a station where you can buy this card. In this link there is a list of stations where you can find it (The closest to our university is Anagnina).
    b) In order to buy this card you will need: One photo of yourself, and a copy of your passport or some valid identity card. *Students who do not have Italian residency can still buy a yearly card that costs a little bit more.

  7. Getting the Codice Fiscale (Card)

    The Codice Fiscale is a personal fiscal code that identifies each person within the Italian State. For example: you need it to open a bank account. To obtain it you need to go to “Agenzia delle Entrate” with a valid identity document (eg: passport, permesso, visa). Don’t forget to bring with you a copy of the valid identity that you choose to present. It is usually issued immediately; if not, you will get it by mail. The closest office to our School of Medicine is (you can get there by bus n. 20 express from the School of Medicine): Tel: 06/231771 Fax: 06/50763658 Address: VIA DI TORRE SPACCATA 110 – 00173 ROMA. Monday and Friday: 7:45 – 13:30 Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday: 7:45 – 15:3

  8. Using the Wi-Fi of Tor Vergata University

    You can use your Matricola/ID number and personal password to enter the campus Wi-Fi area. 95% of the Tor Vergata area is covered by free Wi-Fi.

  9. How to open a bank account

    If you need to open a bank account you can do it at the bank branches located on campus and within the University Hospital with the following documents: a) Residence permit/permesso di soggiorno; b) Italian Fiscal Code; c) University Enrolment Certificate, d) Identity document or passport.

  10. Italian Phone Companies

    In Italy there are 4 phone companies:  a) Vodafone, b) Tim, c) Wind, d) 3.  You can buy rechargeable cards or you can get a year-long contract.

  11. Emergency numbers

    118 medical, 115 Fire Department, 113 Police.

  12. Totem =EN

Last Updated on 26/04/2017