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Application Procedures

The Ministry of Education, University and Research (Ministero dell’Istruzione, Universita’ e Ricerca MIUR), in order to enable the Italian university system to compete with other European systems and aiming at attracting the best foreign students, has recently signed an agreement with the Cambridge Assessment Group, the most important assessment agency in Europe, to start an innovative process of internationalization of the Italian university system. Thanks to this agreement, foreign students wishing to  study  Medicine and Surgery courses  taught in  English in Italy,  will be able to take the admission tests in English at various Italian Universities and abroad.

The number of students to be admitted is established yearly by the Italian legislation governing admission to university courses (Statute 264, August 2, 1999) bearing in mind national planning, availability of teaching staff, teaching and hospital facilities, recommendations of the European Union’s Advisory Committee on Medical Training as well as criteria and guidelines laid down by the University and the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery involved.

Enrolment in the Medicine and Surgery course is regulated by a national test (IMAT); the test is implemented on the same day in the single Italian State Universities. Admission  depends on the results of the test, as established by the ranking deriving from the results.

Applicants can enroll only AFTER having successfully passed the entrance examination test required. 

Last Updated on 09/03/2023