Wi-Fi for students (EduRoam)

13/03/2023 Off By Itay Moshe

The University of Tor Vergata adheres to the international project called EDUROAM.

It is a project that aims to create a system that allows users to access the University network (or educational institution in general), through the credentials used to access their own University (e.g. credentials to access the system Delphi, in the case of Tor Vergata).

Access to the wireless network via EduRoam is possible both within one’s own institution and in other organizations in Italy or in the world that are part of it.

To find out about the project and get more information, we recommend visiting the following page


It is possible to connect to the Eduroam network even more quickly and easily by installing a client configurator by simply connecting to the eduroam CAT website. By downloading and installing the configurator (to do this, simply follow the instructions and enter a username and password) you will be able to automatically access the eduroam network, without entering any credentials, whenever you are near a hotspot. The map with the complete list of all the hotspots of the University of Tor Vergata can be consulted here .

By installing the CAT (Configuration Assistant Tool), made available by Eduroam, it will be possible to quickly access the Wi-Fi network both via PC and via smartphone or tablet.


For instructions about connecting with the manual procedure and more information – Link (IT)

Last Updated on 13/03/2023