Transfer from Medicine and Surgery course or other courses

Applying for Transfer

Application to transfer to our Medicine and Surgery course can be made for all years except the first. An official verification of your transcript(s) takes place according to the number of empty seats available by year, and in relation to the number of total seats established annually by the Ministry of University and Research.

Furthermore, should there be any empty places left after the initial admission procedure, a specific transfer call is published to fill them. If you are enrolled in a Medicine and Surgery course in another Italian university, you do not have to take the admission test again, regardless of whether you are European or non-European.

General Rules

  • Recognition of Medicine and Surgery Exams taken at other Institutions

Transfers are not accepted from students whose exams are not at pace with their academic progression (i.e., fuori corso). Candidates must send their transfer request, along with the documents required, by the deadline reported in the transfer call.

Applicants are selected according to their academic records and on whether the didactic table of their current university is in line with our Medicine and Surgery courses.

If the transfer application is accepted, the student will be informed of any credit(s) to be fulfilled with respect to the study program of the year he/ she has been admitted to.

Once admitted, candidates must complete the enrolment by submitting the original documents listed in the call to the Students’ Office.

  • Recognition of Exams taken in Degree Courses of other disciplines

Students enrolling in the first year of Medicine and Surgery who attended other degree courses, can apply for recognition of prior learning (RPL) or course shortening.

Transfer of credits must not be taken for granted since it is a highly discretional process on behalf of the Didactic Committee, especially for transfers that are not from other medical schools. Moreover, credits acquired more than 8 years earlier, are not recognized.

Last Updated on 04/09/2023