Obtaining credits


Students must earn 360 credits (ECTS) to finish their course of study.

A students can earn credits in different ways: through compulsory (must be completed at least at 70%) core courses and clinical practice; 274 ECTS for core courses and 60 ECTS for clinical practice; alternative (student chooses from a set selection of courses); and optional (ADO), student freely chooses courses for a certain amount of credits (vocational training), 8 ECTS in total. In addition, 18 ECTS are reserved for thesis preparation.

Compulsory (337 ECTS)

Core Courses – Integrated courses (274 ECTS)

Core courses are held by one or more professors, depending on the specific objectives assigned to each course. Usually each core course involves one single subject. The specific objectives of each course are outlined in the syllabus provided annually by the professors. The acquisition of at least 70% of credits in core courses is mandatory.

Integrated courses are those that include different modules (i.e. different subjects), held by more than one professor. Students can thus gain a complete insight into all the aspects related to each subject.  The marks of the assessment converge into one final mark. Attendance at these classes is compulsory (at least 67.7% of attendance for the whole integrated course and 50% for the single subject) and is a prerequisite to taking exams.

Clinical Practice (60 ECTS)

The programme in clinical medicine takes place at the PTV, an outstanding centre for clinical practice, medical education and biomedical research. Clinical practice is designed to help students transition from principally class-based learning to active and self-directed learning and working in a clinical setting. Clinical practice consists of 25 hours/credits in different wards. Students will be divided into small cohorts each consisting of approximately 3-6 students. Each cohort will partecipate in all ward activities. Any activity will be developed to provide professionals with the knowledge and skills for delivering high quality care. The acquisition of at least 70% of credits in clinical practice is mandatory to taking the final exam.

Alternative (8 ECTS)

Students can attend elective activities throughout the entire course of study, and must gain 8 ECTS in the context of alternative courses (vocational and professional training and electives) before graduating.

Vocational and professional training

This form of tutorial teaching involves performing practical clinical or laboratory activities under the supervision of a tutor, but with a considerable degree of autonomy, to simulate the activity performed at a professional level. Students are required to acquire practical skills in several fields of medical or laboratory practice. The professional training, organic and integral part of the degree course, starts from the 1st year.

Tutors’ duty is to record the daily attendance of each student under his care. Attendance at training courses will be certified at the end of each semester by the Director of the structure and / or by the Coordinator of the discipline.

Optional courses

Optional courses or electives are those forms of learning and teaching chosen by students to shape their educational training through the study of subjects most congenial to them. These optional courses consist in a set of activities made available to students in the form of course extensions or specialized courses, which once chosen, require compulsory attendance and the acquisition of credits recorded in a special learner’s booklet, which is signed by the teacher providing the service.


Seminars                      0.1 CFU

Congress 4 hrs             0.2 CFU

Congress 1 day             0.4 CFU

Congress 2 days           0.7 CFU

Congress 3 days           1 CFU


Hospital rotation (not for thesis preparation nor for Clinical Practice)

25 hours rotation:  1CFU (for a maximun of  2 CFU for students enrolled from ‘14-15 a.y.; a maximum of 3 CFU is allowed for students enrolled before 14-15 a.y).

Thesis preparation (18 ECTS)

Each student has 18 ECTS reserved for thesis preparation.