Test and enrollment



Places available for the A.Y. 2018-19: 20 for EU-students and 10 for non-EU students. The 2019 IMAT will be held on September 12. 

Call to apply for IMAT admission test from the 2nd of July to the 15:00 (GMT+1) of the 24th of July 2019 (to be confirmed) .

The complete call is here

Please check in www.universitaly.it website to know  how to partecipate to IMAT test (A.Y. 2019-20).


  • Only for EU-students: fill the online Application Form:
  1. Apply for the 2018-19 a.y from the 2nd of July to the 24th of July 2019 (to be confirmed) directly to www.universitaly.it. Put our University as first choice. 20 places for European Citizens & Non-EU Citizen with Italian Residence are available.
  2. Once admitted to the Programme you will receive an Acceptance Letter from our Admissions Office.
  • Only for students applying for a shortened programme:
    Students who enroll in the Medicine and Surgery course, who were previously enrolled in other degree courses except Medicine and Surgery taught in English, after passed the IMAT exam have to make an application to the student secretary for previously passed exams to be recognized. They must present: certificate listing the exams passed, translated and legalised (translation is not required for transcripts originally produced in English) or the “Diploma Supplement”, if required, official study programmes including all of the curriculum completed to obtain the foreign Academic qualifications, on the headed paper of the foreign University with a signature and stamp, translated ( translation is not required for programmes originally produced in English), and any document for a shortened study programme request.
    An official course specification including all of the curriculum which must be signed and stamped by the relevant University.


  1. Download the “Pre- enrolment form”. This must be printed, filled out and must include 2 passport-size photographs, an authenticated passport photo and an entry visa to Italy. To find out whether an entry visa is required and what documentation is required to apply for one, consult the Italian Government website. In any case you must contact your nearest Italian Consulate or Embassy in your home country (quick link for: UK, USA, Germany, Israel, Ireland). Search the consulate website or call them directly to ask for the documents required for pre-enrollment (not IMAT enrollment!) in order to obtain a Dichiarazione di Valore. Translate the documents if needed by the consulates official translators. All dates reported below are official unless marked with **.
  2. Pre-enrollment is available at the Italian Embassies about from the first week of March to mid-July 2018 (please check on your country Italian Embassy the specific deadline ).
  3. The Embassy must issue you with:
  4. A legalised and translated version of your qualification;
  5. The Declaration of value of your qualification;
  6. A legalised and translated version of the certificate listing the exams you have passed (translation is not required for exams originally produced in English);
  7. A translation of the curriculum (translation is not required for the second cycle degree programmes produced in English);
  8. A legalised and translated version of any other academic and post-secondary certificates.
  9. Apply for the 2018-19 a.y from July to August 2018 directly to www.universitaly.it. Put our University as first choice. 10 places for Non-EU Citizen are available .


  • From the 2nd of July, 2018: Online enrollment for IMAT on www.universitaly.it. Please note that you cannot enroll in the IMAT until the enrollment is officially announced.  It is not open the whole year. For A.Y. 2018-19 enrollments deadline is the 24th of July 2018 (h. 15.00 italian time). If you’re curious, you can see how the online procedure worked a few years ago, in this video. Short stay visas may be given to all non-EU students who will take the exam in Italy. Please note that this is not yet the student visa which all non-EU will need to enroll to the University after passing the exam. The latter requires an acceptance letter from the University in order to be made and is supposed to be done later after successfully passed the IMAT exam.
  • September the 12nd 2019: The IMAT exam takes place in the examination centers around the world. You can take the test at one of the international medical schools that require IMAT (the one that you select as your first choice) OR at one of the many authorised test centres around the world.You will be able to find a list of test centres on the IMAT website nearer the test date: admissionstesting.org/imat
  • For further information about IMAT and last trials please go here.


The score is determined by the Cambridge Assessment according to the terms of art. 6 of this call, and CINECA, on behalf of the MIUR, on 27th September 2018 only publishes the score obtained by the candidates according to the label code on www.universitaly.it in compliance with the rules for the protection of personal data. This data remains available in the area reserved for the candidates until the completion of the procedures. For more specific information please go here

With regard to the number of places available for registration and subsequent participation in the one cycle degree courses, candidates considered eligible include European Union and non European Union members in accordance with Article 26 of Law No.189 / 2002, together with, considering the number of places available, non European Union students residing abroad, who have been included in the ranking list in accordance with art. 8 of this call. Candidates belonging to all the aforementioned categories are eligible for admission to the undergraduate course, on condition they obtain a minimum score of twenty (20) points in the entrance test. Unsuccessful candidates are not included in the ranking list. In accordance with the Community guidelines regarding access to foreign students to university education and in line with the cultural foreign policy requirements of art. 46 of Presidential Decree n. 394/1999, with regard to the number of places available for non European Union applicants resident abroad, the minimum eligibility threshold is not applicable. Any places not used in the ranking lists of non European Union members residing abroad MAY NOT BE USED for the benefit of European and non European Union citizens in accordance with art. 26 of Law 189/2002 given that they belong to separate quotas and are intended for separate purposes.

For the evaluation of the test, a maximum of 90 points shall be awarded taking into account the following criteria:

  • 1,5 points for each correct answer;
  • Subtraction of 0,4 (-0.4) points for each wrong answer;
  • 0 points for each omitted answer.

The Cineca, on the basis of the score obtained by each candidate and  calculated according to the Cambridge Assessment, draws up a single national ranking list for European Union and Non European Union candidates in accordance with Article 26 of Law No.189/2002 and in accordance with the procedures set out in art .8 of the call. The ranking list for foreign citizens residing abroad is defined by the University.

Should scores be equal, the following criteria are applied:


A) The candidate’s score in the questions of logical reasoning, general culture, biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics is considered in descending order;

B) possession of linguistic certification referred to in Annex 3 by the date of closure of the enrollment, and declared by the candidate in their entrance test application. The possession of language certification required for candidates participating in the present call is self-certified and in accordance with art. 46 of D.P.R. n. 445/2000. The Administrations involved in this procedure can, at any stage of the procedure, reserve the right to ascertain the veracity of the declaration made by the applicant, in accordance with the relevant laws in force. Candidates must therefore provide all the necessary information to enable verification should they be requested. Should the documentation submitted by the candidate be found to be false or misleading, regardless of the the penalties laid out in the Criminal Code and relevant special laws (Articles 75 and 76 of Presidential Decree 445/2000) and the payment of damages to the affected parties, the registration of the candidate will be cancelled, any benefits granted will be recuperated and any taxes and university fees paid will be withheld.

C) In cases where the equal scores remain, the younger candidate is elected.

Except as required by the provisions of the Art. 8 of the call, the closing of the ranking list will be organized by a ministerial order to be issued in the second academic semester, so that students can meet the minimum attendance requirements in order to be able to take exams. Once the ranking lists have been closed, all eligible candidates that have confirmed their interest in enrollment will be assigned and will have to register within the time limit set out  in the above-mentioned provisions. Those who, once the registration deadline has gone by, have not registered in the degree program they have been assigned to, will lose any right to register in subsequent years. Eligibility refers only to the selection procedure currently in progress: no right is granted regarding access to master degree courses in years following the one in which the test was sustained.

From the day following the date of publication of the test results and within five working days, the university administrators will send CINECA, through a confidential web site made for them by the same consortium and which will constitute the only means of communication, the personal data of each candidate contained on the personal data form and a scan of each single personal data form in pdf format. Regarding these procedures, a verbal analytical report will be compiled which the University must make available to the MIUR on the confidential web site.

On 4th October 2018, on the reserved page of the UNIVERSITALY portal, candidates can see their test, score and their personal data form.

On 10th October 2018, in the part of the University portal area reserved for the candidates, the national ranking list will be published.

The candidate, who following the displacement of each ranking list:

A) has been included in the list of places regarding their first choice, will be ASSIGNED a place and will be required to register at the university and for the course to which the candidate has been ASSIGNED within the time limits set out in art. 9. Should these terms not be complied with, the candidate will lose the right to be enrolled. No form or attempt at justification will be taken into consideration;

B) has not been included in the list of places regarding their first choice, will find another place that has been BOOKED regarding a second choice. Should this happen, the candidate can still register at the first choice university course in accordance with the terms laid out in art. 9 of this call, and can wait until the candidates that precede them in the ranking lists have registered, and following the subsequent displacement of the ranking list, can register if at this point, there are places that have become available. Once candidates that have been BOOKED a place, register at this university, all their other preferences will be automatically cancelled.

On 10th October 2018, in relation to the ranking list and the number of places available at the Universities, the names of the candidates who have been ASSIGNED on or BOOKED for the course in their first choice of university will be published. A list of these candidates will be supplied to each university.

The ranking list and the displacement of the ranking list will be organized according to the following regulations and times:

a) On 10th October 2018, the ranking list will be published on the reserved site with the name of each candidate, their score obtained, and their position in the ranking list for the university they have been “assigned” to or taking into account the ranking position of all the candidates who preceded them in the list and of their preferences if “booked” or “waiting”;

b)ASSIGNED” candidates must enroll at the University in question according to the administrative procedures specified in art. 9 of this call.

BOOKED candidates can enroll at the University according to the administrative procedures specified in art. 9 of this call.

In order to guarantee the correct management of the national ranking list, it has however been established that, for both ASSIGNED and BOOKED candidates that exercise this right with reference to the specific displacement mechanism, there will be a maximum of 4 (four) days for registration, including the day on which the list has been displaced and Saturdays and holidays.

Should ASSIGNED candidates fail to register within four days, their candidature will be discarded. BOOKED candidates who do not exercise this possibility will not be excluded from the list.

c) Within 5 days of the term referred to in point (a), and by 12.00 noon on the fifth day following each displacement, the day of displacement included and excluding Saturdays and holidays, each University, through its own specific website, will provide the CINECA with the names of registered students.

d) Within 5 days of the term referred to in point (a), and by 12.00 noon on the fifth day following each displacement, the day of displacement included and excluding Saturdays and holidays, all candidates, apart from those already registered and those that have pulled out, must confirm their interest in registering in the reserved area on the Universitaly site. By failing to confirm, candidates will be removed from the national ranking list and will no longer have any right to be enrolled. No form or attempt at justification will be taken into consideration in these cases.

(e) On 17th October 2018, the CINECA, having received the communication referred to in point c), will, in relation to the position in the ranking list and the preferences expressed, publish the new displaced ranking list following the procedures set out in b), c) and d).

f) All other displacements will follow the same procedures and times laid out in b), c) and d).

The Universities will be allowed to enroll candidates who are placed in an eligible ranking position in academic years other than year one only when candidates’ academic qualifications and exams have been officially verified and after having checked the official availability of places for the academic year in question in relation with the number of places assigned to their corresponding quota of students in previous programming. These procedures, together with the withdrawals following enrollment, will lead to the “displacement” of the ranking list in favour of the students who are not registered but who are in a good position in the ranking, but only while there are still places available on the course of the University.

Any further requests of transfer or withdrawal successive to the filling of places in the courses will not result in any new displacement in the rankings.

Entries for any academic year other than year one, following the official verification of academic credits by the University, can only take place taking into consideration the number of places available following withdrawals and transfers during the year in question and in relation with the number of places defined in the annual programming decrees. For the purposes referred to in paragraphs 7 and 8, it is not necessary to pass the test in cases where students are already enrolled in the same degree courses at one of the other Italian university courses, irrespective of whether they are European Union or Non European Union citizens.

For the 2018/2019 academic year:

# for the one cycle degree courses in Medicine and Surgery in English, the following places are available for academic years following year one:




The places available in the Table above are reserved for those who have passed the entrance test,  and which have previous academic qualifications and exam results that have been officially authenticated, and in accordance with art. 3 of the “Regulations for the transfer of students enrolled at Italian or foreign Universities”. In these cases, students will be provided with a place on  year 3 or 4 of the degree course.

In cases where the number of successful candidates exceeds the number of places available (as can be seen in the table), the evaluation criteria set out in art. 5 of the aforementioned Regulations of the University issued by Decree of the President of the Republic n. 1772 of June 16th, 2015 will be taken into consideration. At the end of the selection procedure, should there be any available places remaining, the provisions of the Transfer Regulations published on the University site will be followed. See the following link:



  • To enroll the following must be done:

Enrollment in degree courses regarding the present call is established in relation to the placement on the ranking list, which is drawn up taking into account the positions defined in the programming and the options of participating candidates.

In order to register, candidates must fill in the evaluation questionnaire at http://www.quest.uniroma2.it. A questionnaire code (CQ) will be issued, which must be inserted at the moment of validation of payment. The CQ remains valid for five days following the completion of the questionnaire. Following this deadline, another questionnaire will have to be recompiled. Following this stage:

A) On-line registration, payment of first installment and validation:


  1. Connect to the on-line Service site: http://delphi.uniroma2.it;
  2. Select Student Area, Key 2, Registration;
  3. Select “Completion of the registration application”;
  4. Read all instructions carefully and fill in the application form, choose a Degree “on site” and select one of the Degrees listed in this call, then enter all the required information;
  5. Print your payment slip regarding the payment of your first installment;
  6. Payments must be made through any UniCredit Agency;
  7. Log on again to the Online Services site, and then enter the payment codes (CTRL and AUTH reported on your Bank receipt and your CQ) in order to validate your payment. On completion of this procedure, you will receive your registration number and password;
  8. Take care to conserve your student registration number and password as it will be important to gain further access to the University Computer Services (e-mail, later payments, requests regarding list of exams sustained, exam bookings, etc.).

# It is possible for university fees to be paid online by logging onto the following link: https://www.unicredit.it/en/privati/internet-e-mobile/tutti-i-servizi-internet-e-mobile/altri-servizi/tasse-universitarie.html


B) Presentation of documentation at the Student Secretarial Office

Once payment has been validated, the following documents must be submitted to the office of the Student Secretarial Office of the Department of Medicine and Surgery “Health Area” – Via Montpellier 1 – 00133 Rome (Tor Vergata district), within the stipulated deadline:


After passing the test, students are enrolled to the first year of the course in order to complete the enrollment these are the documentation you need to bring to the International Students Office.

  1. pre-compiled registration application, which must be signed at the moment of submission;
  2. Three passport size photographs ;
  3. A true copy of the final title obtained after at least 12 years of education, with official translation in Italian and validated by the Italian competent authorities in the Country of the educational system attended. This validation is not necessary if the certification presents the “Aja Apostille”.
  4. Original of the Declaration of Value of the final title issued by the Italian competent authorities as above. In case the title is obtained after less than 12 years of education, then has to be provided:  i) Certification of the partial academic studies accomplished with official translation in Italian and validated by Italian competent authorities. This validation is not necessary if the certification presents the “Aja Apostille”; ii) Academic title obtained in a Non-University institution with official translation in Italian and validated by Italian competent authorities. This validation is not necessary if the certification presents the “Aja Apostille”; iii) Copy of the certificate that states the student passed the proficiency test for the access to the universities if expected and mandatory in your home Country (Selectividad in Spain; Prova geral de Acesso in Portugal; etc.) with official translation in Italian and validated by Italian competent authorities. This validation is not necessary if the certification presents the “Aja Apostille”.

Note also that the university fees are determined on the base of the ISEE-U (“Indicatore Situazione Economica Equivalente Università”) except for those willing to pay the maximum amount.

In case of earnings and holdings abroad it is necessary to provide at the moment of the enrollment a certification issued by the competent Authorities of the country where the income is collected and translated in Italian by the competent Italian Diplomatic Authority (the currency of the amount has to be in €).For other issues concerning application and admission requirements or to inquire about the test, you can address your queries to the responsible for the course through the contacts you find at the link below.

Admission requirements and procedures:


Student guide book for pre-enrollment and enrollment:





IMPORTANT: Validation of payment and consignment of the above-mentioned documents to the Secretarial Office are indispensable in order to be registered.

# Students with invalidity levels of 66% or more or with invalidity levels foreseen in Article 3, paragraphs 1 and 3 of Law N. 104 of 5th February 1992, in order to be considered totally exempt from paying taxes and university contributions regarding initial Registration or registration in later years will have to submit to the Technical Secretarial Office of the Commission for the inclusion of students with Disabilities and DSA (CARIS) Via del Politecnico, 1 (Faculty of Engineering) all the documentation issued by the authorities which confirm the status of invalidity.

# Successful candidates of non European Union countries, who do not reside in Italy, that are visa applicants, in order o register, must go to the Foreign Student Office within the foreseen deadlines.

# Candidates who hold a foreign degree, besides producing the above-mentioned  documentation, must also provide the documents listed in Annex B of this call.

English language http://www.studiare-in-italia.it/studentistranieri/moduli/2017/Circolare2017_2018En.pdf

Italian language http://www.studiare-in-italia.it/studentistranieri/moduli/2017/Circolare2017_2018.pdf

– Registration with course shortening

(Exclusively for those already in possession of a degree), candidates must follow the normal registration procedure and provide the following documents to the Student Secretarial Office together with their Registration Documents:

  1. a) Self-certification or photocopy of the Degree certificate including the full list of exams taken;
  2. b) Examination programs followed together with an official stamp of authentication from the university of origin.

– Transfer from another University:

  • Candidates must log on to the website http://delphi.uniroma2.it> Select “KEY 2 …” fill in the application regarding “transfer from another University (entering Tor Vergata)”
  • print the transfer request, which must be returned, together with self-certification or photocopy of the certificate listing the exams sustained, details regarding the years of enrollment and with a copy of the relevant programs, for the issue of a “nulla osta” (official clearance) and for  the compilation of the form entitled ” Booking of a place for students awaiting transfer” within the deadline foreseen for registration.

Transfer from one Faculty / Degree Course at Tor Vergata University to another:

  • Select http://delphi.uniroma2.it “KEY 4 …” fulfillment Online Services in “Services for Students already enrolled “and fill in the exit transfer request (after having inserted your registration number and password).
  • Print out your application and payment slip that has to be carried out in any Unicredit agency and validate the payment by logging on to the site;

Submit a copy of your transfer request and payment slip, together with self-certification or a certified photocopy of your exams sustained together with a copy of the relevant programs, to the Medical Students Secretarial Office in order to fill out the “Reservation Form for students awaiting transfer within and not beyond the registration deadlines.


VERY IMPORTANT:  The amount to be paid in the second installment depends on the ISEEU indicator (Indicatore della Situazione Economica Equivalente-Università).  After enrolling, and before the 15th of December, students must go to a CAAF center validated by the university. There they will determine the economic and financial indicator of the family with the scope of reducing university taxes and fees. If the student has not made a request for the ISEEU indicator at the CAAF, he/she will have to pay taxes and fees at the highest level.

If  the request for ISEE-U has not been made before 31 December, it can be made later paying the fees in the table below:


Date of delayed application for  ISEE-U penalty
from 16 December to 15 March 150 euro
from 16 March to 2nd of July 200 euro


The second payment of university taxes and the specific fee has to be made according to the following instructions:

  • Two installments: 50 % before 31 March  and the remaining 50% before 1 June
  • One single payment: before 31 March  (this option must be selected in the registration form).


  • To pay the second installment you must connect to the on-line services at Servizi on-line: http://delphi.uniroma2.it and select Area Studenti, press 4 “Gestione on-line della carriera”> “ pagamento tasse e contributi”.

You can also pay the due amounts of university taxes and fees on the Unicredit website at http://www.unicredit.it > servizi on-line >  pagamento on-line > tasse universitarie > Università degli Studi di Roma Tor Vergata.

  • Compulsory Vaccinations: Successful candidates, upon enrollment, must declare their commitment to undergo, within 60 days of the enrollment, the tuberculin test, which will be performed using the Mantoux technique in accordance with the guidelines for the control of Tuberculosis (Decree 17.12.1998 of the State-Regions Conference) and the Decree of the President of the Republic of  7.11.2001, n. 465, which regulates anti-tuberculosis vaccinations. This test will be performed at the ASL where the candidate resides. It is also recommended in accordance with Law n. 165 of May 27th, 1991, to be vaccinated against viral hepatitis B, which is offered free of charge to persons who carry out work, study or are involved in voluntary activities in the field of health at the Local Health Centres of their municipality of residence. By 15th December 2018 students must send the above-mentioned certification by post to the following address: University of Rome “Tor Vergata”, Via Orazio Raimondo n. 18 – 00173 ROME (c.a. Student Secretarial Office of the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery – Medical Area).
  • Students coming from outside EC must apply for the National Health System. To find more information please go here.

The first semester classes of the first year tends to begin in mid-November but may change accordingly. 2018-19 A.Y. course schedule here.