Test and enrollment


Places available for the A.Y. 2017-18: 20 for EU-students and 10 for non-EU students. The 2017 IMAT will be held on September 14. From the A.Y 16-17 all winners must present a B2 certificate for English language knowledge at the enrollment.

Call to apply for IMAT admission test shortly (was open from July to August). Please check in www.universitaly.it website to know when and how to partecipate to IMAT test (A.Y. 2017-18).


  • Only for EU-students: fill the online Application Form:
  1. Apply for the 2017-18 a.y from t July to August 2017 directly to www.universitaly.it. Put our University as first choice. 20 places for European Citizens & Non-EU Citizen with Italian Residence are available.
  2. Once admitted to the Programme you will receive an Acceptance Letter from our Admissions Office. Fill our Application form here.


  • Only for students applying for a shortened programme:
    Students who enroll in the Medicine and Surgery course, who were previously enrolled in other degree courses except Medicine and Surgery taught in English, after passed the IMAT exam have to make an application to the student secretary for previously passed exams to be recognized. They must present: certificate listing the exams passed, translated and legalised (translation is not required for transcripts originally produced in English) or the “Diploma Supplement”, if required, official study programmes including all of the curriculum completed to obtain the foreign Academic qualifications, on the headed paper of the foreign University with a signature and stamp, translated ( translation is not required for programmes originally produced in English), and any document for a shortened study programme request.
    An official course specification including all of the curriculum which must be signed and stamped by the relevant University.


  1. Download the “Pre- enrolment form”. This must be printed, filled out and must include 2 passport-size photographs, an authenticated passport photo and an entry visa to Italy. To find out whether an entry visa is required and what documentation is required to apply for one, consult the Italian Government website. In any case you must contact your nearest Italian Consulate or Embassy in your home country (quick link for: UK, USA, Germany, Israel, Ireland). Search the consulate website or call them directly to ask for the documents required for pre-enrollment (not IMAT enrollment!) in order to obtain a Dichiarazione di Valore. Translate the documents if needed by the consulates official translators. All dates reported below are official unless marked with **.
  2. Pre-enrollment is available at the Italian Embassies from the 23rd of March to the 7th of July 2016.
  3. The Embassy must issue you with:
  4. A legalised and translated version of your qualification;
  5. The Declaration of value of your qualification;
  6. A legalised and translated version of the certificate listing the exams you have passed (translation is not required for exams originally produced in English);
  7. A translation of the curriculum (translation is not required for the second cycle degree programmes produced in English);
  8. A legalised and translated version of any other academic and post-secondary certificates.
  9. Apply for the 2017-18 a.y from July to August 2017 directly to www.universitaly.it. Put our University as first choice. 10 places for Non-EU Citizen are available .


  • July, 2017: Online enrollment for IMAT on www.universitaly.it. Please note that you cannot enroll in the IMAT until the enrollment is officially announced.  It is not open the whole year. For A.Y. 2017-18 enrollments deadline is August 2017. If you’re curious, you can see how the online procedure worked a few years ago, in this video.
  • July t2017: Publication of information about admissions exam (IMAT): Where to sit the exams, Start time and the specification (here).
    Short stay visas may be given to all non-EU students who will take the exam in Italy. Please note that this is not yet the student visa which all non-EU will need to enroll to the University after passing the exam. The latter requires an acceptance letter from the University in order to be made and is supposed to be done later after successfully passed the IMAT exam.
  • September the 14th 2017: The IMAT exam takes place in the examination centers around the world (exact list was published on August 2017, see here).
  • For further information about IMAT and last trials please go here.


  • The score is determined by Cambridge Assessment according to the procedure described in the original call you can find here.
  • On  September 2017, CINECA, on behalf of MIUR, respecting the norms on privacy, will publish the scores in the number order of the identification codes on the stick labels, on the web site  http://accessoprogrammato.miur.it. This information will be available on the site until the end of the procedures.
  • From the day after the publication of the test scores, and within the time limit of five days, the person Responsible for the procedures at the universities will send the personal information of the candidates and a scanned PDF version of the personal information templates to CINECA. This material will be transmitted on the dedicated website designed by CINECA as the only communication channel. Analytical minutes on these operations shall be redacted by the Universities and sent to MIUR on the dedicated web site.
  • The candidates’ personal data card  boxes will be opened on September 2017 in Montalcini hall at 8:30 a.m. This procedure is necessary to inform CINECA on the match between the candidate’s PERSONAL DATA CARD and the answer sheet. The above procedure is open to the public.
  • On October 2017 the candidates will be able to view the national ranking list with names in the reserved area in UNIVERSITALY.
  • Every time there are changes in the ranking list, the candidate that:
    • a) fits into the available places according to the First Useful Preference will be marked ASSEGNATO (assigned place) must enroll for the course in the assigned university within the terms in art.9 of the original call here. If the candidate does not enroll within the terms, he/she loses his place. There are no valid reasons for delays;
    • b) does not fit into the available places according to the First Useful Preference will be marked PRENOTATO (place reserved) on a lower preference. In this case the candidate may either enroll in that university in accordance with the rules in art. 9 of the original call here, or wait for changes in the ranking list due to the enrollment of preceding students, which may cause slides in the list and possible available places closer to the candidate’s First preferences.
    • If the candidate marked PRENOTATO decides to enroll, all the other options will be automatically cancelled.
  • On October 2017, in relation to the ranking list and to the number of available places at the single universities, the names of the candidates who are ASSEGNATI and PRENOTATI according to the First Preference rule for the single course at the single university will be published in the reserved area and each university will receive a list of these candidates.
  • The ranking list and the improvement of positions works as follows:
    • a) on October 2017 the personal ranking list is published in the reserved area of the dedicated website, with information for each candidate on the score, the position in the list and the university to which he/she is assigned. This is in relation to all the preceding candidates on the list and to the preferred university, and it they are in a reserved position “prenotati” or still waiting “in attesa”;
    • b) the candidates marked ASSEGNATI must enroll immediately at the chosen university according to the procedures in art. 9 of this call.
  • The candidates marked prenotati may enroll at the assigned university according to the procedures in art. 9 of the original call here.

 In order to manage the national ranking list, the candidate marked ASSEGNATI, and the candidate marked prenotati that decide to make use of this opportunity must enroll within 4 (four) days (11-14 of october), including the date in which the ranking list changed excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

  • If the candidates marked ASSEGNATI do not enroll within the terms of 4 (four) days their position is cancelled. The candidates marked PRENOTATI that do not enroll do not lose their position in the ranking list.
    • c) Within 5 days of the terms under a), and before 12,00 o’ clock of the fifth day after changes in the ranking list, excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, all Universities must give notice of the names of the enrolled students to CINECA on the dedicated website.
    • d) within 5 days of the terms under a), and before 12:00 o’ clock of the fifth day after changes in the ranking list, with the exclusion of Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, all candidates with the exception of those who have enrolled, and those who have renounced, must confirm their interest in the reserved area on the Universitaly website. If the candidate does not confirm his/her interest, he/she will lose the position in the national ranking list and will have no right whatsoever to enroll. There is no valid motivation or justification for not confirming interest on the website.
    • e) On  October 18th 2016, having received all the notices under c), and in relation to the preferences and positions, CINECA will publish a new ranking list in which the positions of the candidates will have improved according to the procedures in b), c) and d).
    • f) Subsequent changes in the ranking list will follow the same procedure as the first one, indicated in b), c) and d). This sliding process will continue until the moment the ministry issues the decree that declares the end of the ranking procedures.
  • To enroll the following must be done:

Fill in the form (questionario di valutazione) on the website http://www.quest.uniroma2.it   The student will receive a code (CQ) that has to be inserted when confirming the payment. The CQ code is valid for five days from the day the form id filled in. After five days a new form must be filled in. After that you must:

  • A) on-line registration, payment of the first installment and validation :
    • Connect to the on-line services: http://delphi.uniroma2.it;
    • Select  Area Studenti, press 2, Immatricolazione (enrollment);
    •  Select “Compila la domanda di immatricolazione” (fill in registration form);
    •  Read the instructions carefully and fill in the registration form, choose Corso di Laurea in presenza and select the degree course in this call. Fill in all the required information; if you want to pay the second installment of university taxes  together with the first (which is obligatory if the second installment is less than 300 euro), select this option;
    •  Print the payment order for the payment of the first installment (486 Euro).
    •  Make the payment in any UniCredit bank;
    •  Connect to the on-line services, and fill in the payment codes  (CTRL and AUTH on the proof of payment issued by the bank) and the  CQ code to confirm the payment. You will then receive a registration number and a password;
    •  Keep the registration number and the password in a safe way because you will need them to use the university on-line services (e-mail, payment of following installments, extracts from the registrar on exams, to book exams and so on).
  • University taxes and contributions can be paid  on-line on the Unicredit website http://www.unicredit.it  > servizi on-line > pagamento on-line > tasse universitarie > Università degli Studi di Roma Tor Vergata.
  •  B) Documents that must be handed in at the Student office. When you have confirmed the payment you must give personally the following documents, if EU-student, to the student services Segreteria Studenti della Facoltà di medicina e chirurgia “Area sanitaria” – via Montpellier 1 – 00133 Rome, within the terms (please check carefully the opening hours):
    1. A filled in registration form (domanda di immatricolazione) to be signed in place, with a passport photo in the box on the form;
    2. Two more passport photos which are identical to the one on the form;
    3. Copy of a valid Id document;
    4. Copy of the proof of payment (with the exclusion of those who have the right to a total exemption from the payment of university taxes and fees)
    5. The part of the sheet coming from the validation of payment procedures that states “da consegnare alla Segreteria Studenti”.
    6. A B2 certificate for english language knowledge.


    Non-EU citizens, with residence in foreign countries, must go to the Central Foreign Students Office, within the deadline to enroll.

    Candidates with a foreign degree, must present the above listed documents and must also hand in the documents listed in Annex B of this call.

  •  VERY IMPORTANT: Both the validation of payment and giving the documents above to the above student service desks are necessary in order to be enrolled. 
  • In order to be enrolled, a specific fee of 2.000,00 euro must also be paid, apart from the ordinary taxes and fees. This fee must be paid within the same time limits as the second installment :

    –  1.000 euro before  31 March;

    –  1.000 euro before  1 June.


    The amount to be paid in the second installment depends on the ISEEU indicator (Indicatore della Situazione Economica Equivalente-Università).  After enrolling, and before 31 December, students must go to a CAAF center validated by the university. There they will determine the economic and financial indicator of the family with the scope of reducing university taxes and fees. If the student has not made a request for the ISEEU indicator at the CAAF, he/she will have to pay taxes and fees at the highest level.

    If  the request for ISEE-U has not been made before 31 December, it can be made later paying the fees in the table below:


    Date of delayed application for  ISEE-U penalty
    from 1 January  to 15 March 150 euro
    from 16 March to 31 October 200 euro


    The second payment of university taxes and the specific fee has to be made according to the following instructions:

    • Two installments: 50 % before 31 March  and the remaining 50% before 1 June
    • One single payment: before 31 March  (this option must be selected in the registration form).


    • To pay the second installment you must connect to the on-line services at Servizi on-line: http://delphi.uniroma2.it and select Area Studenti, press 4 “Gestione on-line della carriera”> “ pagamento tasse e contributi”.

    You can also pay the due amounts of university taxes and fees on the Unicredit website at http://www.unicredit.it > servizi on-line >  pagamento on-line > tasse universitarie > Università degli Studi di Roma Tor Vergata.

  • Enrollment for students who already hold a degree

This possibility is only for students who already hold a degree (Laurea). They must follow the normal registration procedures and together with the required documents, they must also present the following documents at the students office:

  1. a) a declaration made by the student (Autocertificazione) or a photocopy of the Degree certificate with exams;
  2. b) list of exams, duly stamped by the institution that granted the Degree.
  • Transfers from other Universities:

1) connect to the site http://delphi.uniroma2.it >Select 2 and fill in request for transfer (“trasferimento da altro Ateneo in entrata a Tor Vergata)”

2) print the request for transfer which must be handed in together with the above declaration or the photocopy of the certificate of taken exams,  registration certificate, and copy of the course programs in order to receive a “nulla osta” and to be able to fill in the transfer form “prenotazione posto per studenti in attesa di trasferimento” within the deadline for registration.


  • Transfers from other courses or faculties at the University of Rome Tor Vergata:

1) Connect to   http://delphi.uniroma2.it  Select 4 and fill in the request for transfer for students who are already registered in “servizi per studenti già iscritti”  (after filling in registration number and password).

2) Print the request and the payment form and pay the due amount at any Unicredit bank. Confirm the payment on the website;

3) Present the copy of the transfer request, the proof of payment, the declaration or the photocopy of the certificate of exams, and a copy of the course programs at the Student Secretariat at the faculty of Medicine. Fill in the form “prenotazione posto per studenti in attesa di passaggio” within the registration deadline.

  • Obligatory vaccinations

Students who pass the admission test must, at the moment of registration, declare that they, within 60 days from the declaration date, will undergo a Mantoux  test, in accordance with the guidelines for the control of tuberculosis issued 17.12.1998 by the Council Conferenza Stato-Regioni and with D.P.R. No 465 of 7 November 2001, which regulates anti-tuberculosis vaccinations; this test must be taken in the ASL medical center of residency. Furthermore, vaccinations against Viral Hepatitis B, under Law No 165 of 27 May 1991, are strongly recommended. It is free of charge for individuals who work, study or do voluntary work in Health services and can also be taken at the ASL medical center of residency. These certificates must be sent exclusively by post before 2 December 2016 to the following address: Università degli Studi di Roma “Tor Vergata”, Via Orazio Raimondo n. 18 – 00173 ROMA (c.a. Segreteria Studenti Facoltà di Medicina e Chirurgia – Area Medica).

The first semester classes of the first year tends to begin in mid-November but may change accordingly. 2016-17 A.Y. course schedule here.