Several good reasons to study medicine in Italy

Several good reasons to study medicine in Italy

12/05/2020 Off Di IMS Tor Vergata

Several good reasons to study medicine in Italy

1.  Admissions You will take just ONE admission exam, in English (the IMAT), that is held in more several cities around the globe. No interviews, No high school GPA , No recommendation letters required. Actually, you won’t even have to fly to Italy until you know you’re in. The admission test costs around 120 euros and is held entirely in English and managed by Cambridge Assessment Admission testing.

2.  Costs The average tuition fees is depending on family’s incomes and range between 200 to 6000 euro/year; living expenses depend on the student’s life style but can be as low as 800 euros/month including accommodation. This is far less then it would cost you in the US, UK, or eastern Europe. Scholarships and work possibilities are available also for foreign students.

3.  English taught lectures Books, classes and all exams will be in a language you can understand from day 1. Italian courses are also offered for free  in order to help your daily life, without time pressure. only from the 3rd year basic italian must be learnt to interact with patients.

4. European MD degree Your degree will allow you to specialize and practice all around Europe, including the UK. The studies are recognized also in USA for the USMLE exam.

5. Culture If you’re spending six years abroad, why not do it in a beautiful country with great food, customs and people? In addition you are living in Rome, one of the most beautiful city of the world.

6. Student exchange programs  We have several exchange programmes to spent a period in our prtner university and university hospital (Cambridge, Yale, Ohio, Cyprus, Budapest, Antwerp, Madrid and several other universities).